People move from one city to another for various reasons. Some move looking for bigger living spaces, while others move due to security concerns or job transfers. Whichever reason you have for moving, you have to figure out how you will move your belongings from your current location to the new one.

One of the best ways to enhance your moving experience is by hiring a storage unit. However, you need to hire the right container to store your belongings. If you have never used one before, you might get a little confused about the right storage units for your needs. For that reason, look at the types of self-storage units.

1. The Portable Storage Containers

These fall first on the list as they are the most commonly used. Many people prefer them because they are efficient and easy to use. If you need one, you only need to ask the storage company to drop one off at your location. Once you are done packing, they will come for it and take it to the storage facility.

These storage units are ideal for those who want to handle their possessions independently and at their own pace. Also, if your new house is not ready yet or will be completed in stages, these storage units are perfect for keeping your items safe.

2. Indoor Storage Units

Indoor storage units are not portable, and so you have to take your belongings to the storage company. As such, you may need to hire a truck to transport everything. Therefore, if you are moving and do not want to carry everything with you, this is the perfect place to leave the extra items as you decide what to do with them.

Some people donate unwanted items while others sell them off later so that everything fits in the unit. It is good to note that the containers are different in terms of size and amenities offered. However, you never have to worry about damage from weather conditions since the units are not exposed as the outdoor containers.

3. Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Much like indoor storage containers, climate-controlled ones are also situated in a building. Even though indoor storage containers are not exposed to weather conditions, there is still a chance that extreme heat or cold could seep through them. As such, they are only ideal for items that are not easily affected by heat or cold.

As such, if you have sensitive items like antiques and paintings, they might need extra protection. Fortunately, climate-controlled containers protect such sensitive belongings from moisture or heat damage. Then, once you are settled in your new home, you can come back for them.

Storage units come in handy when relocating, but you need to know which option to choose. When selecting a storage unit, look at the features offered as they affect the pricing. For more information, contact a storage unit facility.