Most people who have establishments with cold rooms hardly think about the critical role the rooms play until something breaks down inside the room. System breakdown inside a cool room is dreadful because it leads to the loss of stock, downtime in your operations and also costs you a lot of money in repairs. The worst part about a breakdown in the refrigeration system is the potentially irreparable damage that it can cause to your business reputation. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that the cold room is in optimum operating condition at all times. Here, are the three maintenance guidelines that will keep your cold room in perfect condition.

1. Cleaning the room

Cleaning is the first essential part of cold room maintenance. To clean the walls, you need a damp cloth and mild detergent. Keep off strong detergents and chemicals which may end up in the food or other items that will be stored in the room. Also, take note of any stains that commonly appear on the walls and call in professionals for removal. Note that cleaning the seal is also very crucial to the cleanness of the entire room. Ensure that the seal is regularly cleaned to remove any gunk or other sticky waste which interferes with the cleanness of the unit. Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals as they could compromise the efficiency of the seal.

2. Monitoring changes 

The other important consideration you need to make when handling the cold room is always to monitor the temperature changes inside the room. If the temperatures are fluctuating more frequently than they could, it could be an indication that the cold room needs professional maintenance. Check for any water leaks and other indicators that things are not staying frozen like they are supposed to. When the cold room is functioning correctly, everything should remain fresh. Therefore, if you get into the room and notice that there are strange and stale smells coming from the inside, it is an indication that your room needs repair and maintenance.

An essential part of cool room management is having a planned maintenance schedule. An expert will come in during regular intervals and check all parts of your systems to ensure that they are functioning as they should. If any part needs to be repaired or replaced, it is advisable to call in reputable heating and air conditioning contractor and to make sure the parts are from genuine suppliers and manufacturers. 

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