Leaving your car in a storage yard provides you with a cheap and safe alternative when you will not be using your car for several weeks or months. Below are various things you should countercheck before you leave your car in a storage yard.

Make a list of all the items in the car

It is important to make a list of all the items that are in the car. Include everything, regardless of the size. Examples of items that should be on the list include the spare wheel, a jack and a fire extinguisher. You can also specify the brand or model of the different items. One way to ensure that everything in the list is present in the car is undertaking this process in the presence of a worker from the storage company. They will then go through the list and confirm that everything you have listed is available.

Ensure that your car is properly locked

Any storage yard strives to ensure that vehicles that are left in their possession are safe. However, you also have a responsibility of taking basic measures to ensure the safety of your car. Before you leave the car, you should make sure that all the doors are properly locked. If you have defective locks, it is essential that you fix them before you take your car to the storage yard. Apart from the four doors, always confirm that the bonnet is also securely locked.

The condition of the car

The storage company is not responsible for the condition of your car. If you take a car with mechanical problems to their yard, you will find it in the same position. Always make sure that your car is in good condition before you take it to the storage yard.

Remove any unnecessary items

Make sure that you remove any items that are in the vehicle before you leave it at the vehicle storage facility. Avoid leaving items in visible areas such as the dashboard or on the seats. This will reduce the risk that an intruder can be tempted to break into your car. The best approach would be to clean the car before taking it to the yard. Any valuables in the car should be left at home. If you have both flashy rims and stock rims, it would be a good idea to use the stock rims when you are leaving your car in the storage yard for several months.