It can become increasingly difficult to find something when you don't have a plan or system upon which you organise the contents of your storage shed. This article discusses some suggestions which you can implement to improve how you organise the things which you keep in your shed.

Remove Everything First

The first step that you should take when you want to reorganise your storage shed is to remove everything from that shed. This action will help you to achieve several objectives. First, you will be able to clean the shed thoroughly when all the contents have been removed. Secondly, you will be able to discard the items which you no longer need or use. Thirdly, it will be possible for you to sort what can or cannot be stored in the storage shed. For example, some items which need stable temperature (paint, for example) can be moved elsewhere, such as the garage, with favourable conditions.

Think in Terms of Seasons

You can decide to organise your belongings using the seasons of the year as an organising principle. For example, group the tools/items needed during the warm months of the year in one section while those needed during the cold months of the year can go in another section. In this way, it will be easy for you to go straight to the section having the item or tool which you need in a given season.

Use Pegboards

You can also get a pegboard and attach it to the wall of the storage shed. Use hangers and hooks to create anchor points from which you can suspend small tools, such as rakes and hand shovels. Looking for such a tool will then become as simple as glancing at the wall to locate what you want. Having those tools on the wall will also get rid of the hazards of tripping and falling when the tools are littered on the floor.

Use Jars

The space inside a storage shed can be better utilised if you make use of jars in a clever way. For example, you can screw the lid of a jar onto the bottom part of any shelving available within the storage shed. The jar can then be a receptacle for small items, such as nails and screws. You can then access those items by turning the jar to unscrew it from the lid which is firmly held in the shelving. Select transparent jars and label them so that you can know which specific items go into which jar.